How to delete a Garry's Mod steam collection?


The first thought you’re going to have when you see this is “But, Wimpy, why don’t you just go ask Steam? Facepunch is not Steam.”

Well, I DID. Would you like to see our conversation? Here it is:


I’d first like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

I recently made a steam collection known as “TechnoRP Addons”. I either want to change the name of this to “TechnoTTT Addons”, delete it, or just simply create a new one. But I have found none of these options.

So, I would just like guidance to delete it, have you delete it, create a new one, or something because I very much need this fixed.

Once again thank you for reading, much appreciation

~Wimpy (sniper_guy10)

Their response was:

Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Steam Support does not offer technical assistance with content creation in the Workshop.

For general information regarding the Steam Workshop, please visit the following link:

For game specific information, please visit the respective link below:

Dota 2:
Team Fortress 2:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
Portal 2:

Additional assistance can found in the Community Workshop Discussions:

Dota 2:
Team Fortress 2:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
Portal 2:
Left 4 Dead 2:

Which is BS because I’m not simply asking “Yeah, this addon doesn’t work, can you teach me how to use it?”. I’m asking them about DELETING a collection.

Anyways, I found no support or thread or anything on this, and steam is being an ASS so, I would like some quick help (is it quick?).



It baffles me how blind people can be.

People can be extremely stupid some times.

Apparently a big delete button is too hard to see and requires contacting steam support

That’s what I said, no need to repeat what I said.


Sorry for being so blind. That’s kinda just how I am.

Thanks for the help!