How to delete all of the files I downloaded from just a specific server, like my own?

I am using steamworkshop to host about 95% of my files, and the rest is from my server.

How can I delete everything i downloaded from my server so I can redownload it all and see how long it takes and get a good estimation of size and time?

Any thoughts?

I don’t believe you would be able to delete a specific server’s files unless you knew every file you downloaded… Otherwise just delete garrysmod/downloads for files that you’ve downloaded.

That sucks.

Rename your downloads folder to downloads_old, join your server to see how long it takes, and when you’re done, delete the current downloads folder and rename the original folder back.

i’ll give it a shot, thanks.

If you didn’t re-install from gm12 to 13, you may have old downloaded files in your GarrysMod/materials, sound/, models/ etc folders…

If you haven’t ever reinstalled, I’d highly recommend doing so and start fresh!

I agree but I think he only wants to get an average ‘first join time’ for new players.