How to derive from included fretta?

Hello everyone,

I am starting to dive into GMod development and want use fretta.
I have read that it is already included in the actual GMod release.

From what do I need to derive my gamemode if I want to start the development based on fretta?

what the fuck; have you just disregarded everything in the thread you posted YESTERDAY

Like I said in the other thread, go grab Extreme Football Throwdown from the workshop to look at as an example, 'cuz very little people use fretta anymore so you’re kinda on your own here.

What you’ll notice with gmod gamemodes is that inside the folder is a .txt file with the same name as the folder. Open that up in notepad++ and you’ll see something that’s like this:

"cubetwo" -- Name of the folder
	"base"		"fretta13" -- Base you're deriving from. Usually 'base' but here we use fretta!
	"title"		"Cube2" -- What name we want to show up on the gmod menu/internet browser
	"maps"		"^cb_" -- What map prefixes do we want to be associated with the game?
	"menusystem"	"1" -- Do we want the gamemode to show up on the gmod gamemode menu?


Without the comments, obviously, but I thought they might help. There are more fretta related functions, which I can’t remember off the top of my head, but there’s one for specific map prefixes to show up on the fretta mapvote if you want more to come up.

You must also mention derive inside your shared.lua file, like:

DeriveGamemode( "fretta13" )

No I haven’t :slight_smile:
I was curious if there is any included fretta version delivered by the GMod itself.