How to develop over an svn repository.

So lets say that I’ve created an SVN repository for DarkRP and I’m ready to start developing. Why is it that every time I try to change anything in the actual gamemode, it won’t hold. For instance, I tried to make a simple entity yesterday in the ‘entities’ folder, and everytime I tried to spawn said entity using an sv_cheats command, it wouldn’t recognize the entity. Any fixes for this? How would I invalidate the SVN so I can create a standalone DarkRP edit?

Are you sure its committing to svn?
You can not upload things you obtained through other svn’s unless you removed the hidden .svn folders from the gamemode.
One way to get rid of these folders is through filezillia, your not actually uploading the files to anything but using it as a “file manager” to go through and delete the .svn folders.

I don’t think you understand, I’m not trying to change the whole dark rp online repository, just my copy of DarkRP. (apply for it and) read the help section.

Nope, not even.

assembla is better

Not helping at all.

Your problem has nothing to do with SVN, the problem is your either putting the entity in the wrong folder, it contains an error or you’re trying to spawn it with the wrong name.

I’ve checked all three of these problems, but I’ll try again and redo it.