How to disable airdrops? and would like opinion on the idea.

Hi guys i want to disable the airdrops completely from my new server.
As im at it and it seems in the right section too my server its here: IP
Friendly people and im too :slight_smile:

Anyway, my idea its to run the server without airdrops, at least for now!
that way people cant get and research the explosives so they cant make loads of explosives charges, only by finding them they can have explosives charges.
I believe explosives and explosives charges should cost at least 3 or 4 times more and explosive charges not be available to find (even in airdrops) only the explosives and should be rare.

The server its 100 people limit and as a attempt to stop airdrops i used the command airdrop.min_players 110.
Not sure if it works and its set, i would like to be sure.
Any ideas?
And give me your opinion on the NO airdrops server idea.



The command should work, and as for the no airdrop thing. I donโ€™t recommend it. Iโ€™m not sure too many people would be fond of not having airdrop :confused:

Just a idea to start with, to try.
i would leave them on if there were no explosives coming in the airdrops
there are 3 bandits in the server and everyone panics :),
thats a good stage not everyone have loads of C4 straight away.

shouldnt probably but posted very late yesterday and need a hand so โ€ฆ