How to disable birds in gmod??

I hate having birds spawn at random times and take a shit on my buildings. Is there a way to disable them

'The fuck? I never had this happen, randomly spawning birds.

My birds won’t shit on stuff, it’d be so fricking epic.

Are you sure it’s not a server addon?

I’ve heard of this before, but never experienced it in-game. What exactly happens?

I’ve had it indeed, that around 4 birds spawned on my gm_construct, if you shot them, they just respawn, I am sure you can delete this with some Lua though.

I know they can spawn on jeeps in gm_construct.

This is happening for me too. But only on vehicles, if you leave the vehicle in like 5 minutes they have like been shitting 10 times at your car. In this case a jeep.

Fucking birds. Not even your Gmod vehicle is safe. :argh: