How to disable C4 and 24/7 Daytime

Custom Server Admin here.

I see lots of people promote NO c4 servers.

Just curious since i cant find this anywhere. Can you actually disable C4 from the admin console, or back end console? If so can someone direct me to the right place to do this ?
I would love to give this a shot and see how my server population likes it, or at least experiment with the idea.

Same thing for always day time. Just wanna mess around and see if it can get it to work.

Thanks in advance guys!

DISABLE ALL THE C4 :slight_smile:

the only way to do that is to use the DropParty mod and remove C4/blueprints from zombie, crate and airdrop droptables.

I think disabling airdrops is a better idea, the server im on has a massive 20 person army and the most c4 they can gather in a whole day is like 4- maybe 5. Grenades are used as a substitute. Good luck in finding an answer though, i just dont think anyone would want to play on a server like that as its bound to become a clustefuck of buildings