How to disable crosshair for certain weapons? (TTT)

How do you disable the crosshair for different weapons such as the rife? I put SWEP.DrawCrosshair = false but that doesn’t work.

I found these ConVars with one quick look in the base file for the weapons.
Try settings ttt_disable_crosshair to 1.
local sights_opacity = CreateConVar(“ttt_ironsights_crosshair_opacity”, “0.8”, FCVAR_ARCHIVE)
local crosshair_brightness = CreateConVar(“ttt_crosshair_brightness”, “1.0”, FCVAR_ARCHIVE)
local crosshair_size = CreateConVar(“ttt_crosshair_size”, “1.0”, FCVAR_ARCHIVE)
local disable_crosshair = CreateConVar(“ttt_disable_crosshair”, “0”, FCVAR_ARCHIVE)

Edit: Oh you wanted it only for specific weapons…
Well to do that it seems you’d have to edit the base file or specifically the weapon file to not draw the crosshair in the DrawHUD hook.
There might be a better way, not sure, never really messed around with TTT.

You could do this

function SWEP:DrawHUD()

And that should take away the crosshair