How to disable PermaProp tool for staff members?

Hi, on my server I have an addon called “PermaProps” that lets you save and delete props permanently. You may have heard about it before. I was wondering if there is a way to disable this specific plugin for my staff members, while still allowing them to use other tool gun tools. I don’t want them deleting any of the props that are saved to the server, on purpose, or on accident.

“But why wouldn’t you trust your staff members?”

I had to rebuild the entire 200 prop map because a staff member decided to delete everything in the middle of the night on a whim, and I’m not a psychic. I didn’t know he would do that.

Any help would be appreciated, sorry for my retardation in advance.

Set all untrusted staff to admin

Q->Utilities->FPP->Tools Restrictions->PP->Edit selected tool permissions->Superadmin Only


Without changing staff ranks, do as above but restrict per user->deny known shitty staff

Thank you. This worked for me.