How to disable showing player names and footstep?

How can I disable showing players names and footstep sound? It’s too easy to find props, when I see their names on shooting etc. I’m server admin.

I found that on google:

But, what file i must edit? Where i must add those lines?

i think “mp_footsteps 0” in console should work but i’ve never tried it.




Basically, you have asked a question, and provided the link to your answer.

Would you like us to read it to you?

Obviously lua/autorun/client.

Yes, i understand that when i want disable footstep, then i must put to console that command “mp_footsteps 0”

But i want information about disabling player id HUD.

What file i must edit?

Make a new file.

And how i must call it? and .lua filetype?

It never matters what you call a lua file (unless it’s a gamemode). And yes, obviously a lua filetype.