How to disable team chat for living people

I own a TTT server, and have been bombarded with requests to take out innocent team chat for living players. After several days of searching, i cant find a solution. Do i need to create a lua file in the auto run folder? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Update your TTT

I’m running the latest version i could find: 2015-05-25.

There is no team chat for innocents. What are you talking about?

If you press the default team chat button while an innocent, you can type somthing in the box then press enter and it will display publicly. But it has the tag (Team) on it. Tratiors cannot do public team chat, so it is basically an instant tester.

That’s a custom chatbox’s doing then.
Search for “Team” (With quotation marks) in your chatbox’s folder, and remove the line of code that’s responsible for it

Thank you, just one last question… Where is the chatbox file located?

In your custom chatbox addon folder