How to disable tools?

How do I disable tools on my server like Duplicator and Expression 2?

Look in the wire admin menu.

but you really shouldn’t disable E2, pretty much ANYTHING you can do in E2, you can do with vanilla wire tools, you’d be better off disabling all of wire.

where do i find the wire admin menu?

Well if your gonna use a dedicated server, your gonna have to use your server.cfg for limits. Which of course you have to paste the server.cfg wiremod tools. Here is were you can find them Now if your just doing this for single player or some sort, scroll all the way to the bottom, and you will see Wire admin menu.

The wire tab, near the bottom.

Also, “if you’re going to disable E2, you’re better off disabling wiremod,”, you’re better off not installing it.

People can still use it even if you block it. just remove the e2 file from the servers wiremod folder :3

You can disable E2 and use the wire gates to do everything, takes you 2 hours, ok, but you still get results.