how to do this ? (teleporter) look the video

This is wiremod my friend, A grabber and a HoverDrive. He probable used a target finder to get the Bouncyballs location, Then he used a delay with 3 If Then Else chips, When the Delay = 1, the hover drive would go to the ball Pos, when it equaled 0 it wold go to trash position.

Can anyone tell me how to make a teleporter without shity Wiremod

not sure if its possible

are you sure i heard there is like a tool for that?


i know there is i saw it once but now i cant find it


also can some one tell me how to make a camera get onto a moniter cause im making a base and i want the screen next to the desk of the leader


yeh there is a tool for teleporting its the “position switcher” tool I’m pretty sure, could some find a URL for me I just cant seem to find one

Making a teleporter like that without wiremod is not possible.

Use an RT Camera and RT Screen to get the camera visible on the screen.

The Position switcher does not work like the one in the video.