How to do tunnel effect?

I’m trying to make a map that’s a train constantly going through a tunnel. There are lights on the train so I’m trying to make the front of the tunnel and the end of the tunnel fade into black. There was a counter strike texture that was sort of like a grayscale that I could overlay over the walls that would give it that effect but I couldn’t find it. Is there anyway to make the ends of the tunnel fade into complete darkness? Also, to achieve the train moving affect, I’m going to have the train stationary and have the tunnel moving over it. I figured I’d have two train tunnel pieces that would reset once they couldn’t be seen anymore. Maybe a func_tracktrain? Anyone know of anything better maybe?

-snip- failed at reading.

I’ve seen a similar map that used a smokevolume, I’ll try to find it.

also I would use an animated texture instead of having the entire tunnel move.

I don’t want it to get brighter at the end of the tunnel, I want it to appear to be going off into the darkness.

Change the smoke’s color to black.

Just dont put lights there. or add a lightglow with a black value

Texture the back of the tunnel with “tools/toolsblack”.

What about the constant tunnel movement? Any points on that?

you want a lightglow with a black color parented to the train then i believe

The train doesn’t move. It’s the tunnel moving.

Add an env_fog_controller with the Fog Color set to black?

You don’t need to make an animated VTF, you could do some things with the VMTs and get a scrolling effect on each texture, that’s what they did on that waterfall material. Just follows these steps:

Do that for the road, the sidewalks, the tunnel walls, and pretty much every single texture you have on the tunnel. If you do it correctly, the textures should scroll and give the player a feeling that the tunnel’s moving. The only problem is that you’ll need one VMT for each texture on the tunnel, but I guess that’s the easiest way.

You could also try making a tunnel that teleports the player to the beggining when it reaches a certain point, but that would probably not end up well, and I wonder if it even works properly, so just do the scrolling texture thing.

I hope that helped.

Why is the tunnel moving? I don’t understand.

It can be better to have the tunnel moving if you are on a train, as it means you dont fly backwards when you jump in the air. Also props and stuff won’t go to the back!

In hl2 ep1 there is a map that does the same thing. You should decompile it and see how it’s done.

I didn’t read it properly, i get it, and i rated myself bad reading.

Well the reason the texture thing won’t work is because there is a track model on the ground. I just made the whole tunnel a func_Tracktrain and parented the tracks to it. For some reason though, the lighting isn’t working too good. And one of the set of tracks won’t move.

Don’t make the whole fucking tunnel move, that would be just silly, time consuming and buggy use scrolling textures instead.

It’s only a small tunnel section to make it look continuously moving.

Yes, that was my point.

maybe he has trusses or something that cant be made with a texture.