How to download torrents from without a client.

The era of the torrent is over. The need for this utility has gone.

I added a link to this thread in mine, hope you don’t mind. I just tested it and this works great while still saving Garry money, I highly recommend it.

If you would like I can create a visual tutorial for it(even if it’s extremely simple) as I did with my “How to download .torrents” thread.

Because adding a bookmark is so difficult.

Well, I wouldn’t put it past anyone here.

Plus you have to install java, restart firefox too much work for most of them.

Although realistically, providing a visual aid will probably stop most people from asking questions in the first place.

A small list of the steps required(if you don’t have java):
-Install Java for your OS/Browser
-Restart your browser
-Create new bookmark
-Click bookmarklet
-Allow popups
-Choose Destination folder
-Copy files as usual
-Delete original/archive

Still probably too much. Plus, with a visual aid it might make people more likely to actually give a shit that this thread exists.

That would mean I’d have to make at least 3 guides, since adding bookmarklets is different per browser.
Besides, creating this was enough work in itself, if anyone else would want to that’s fine by me. If someone can’t do the above steps, can they really install an addon?

Noscript doesn’t let you do this for some reason…

Because it’s made in Javascript. You’d have to exclude

Why 3 guides? You could make 1 guide, and have some steps include multiple supports. ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera. (no other though) In fact, you could probably drop Safari considering that is mostly used by a not-supported OS.

-Install Java for your OS/Browser
Perhaps multiple links?
-Restart your browser
If they cant do this, then what are they doing on the internet?
-Create new bookmark
Multiple pictures for the step.
-Click bookmarklet
Doesn’t deserve to have a computer if they can’t.
-Allow popups
Pretty simple stuff there as well.
-Choose Destination folder
Same for all.

-Copy files as usual

-Delete original/archive

And as I said, I wouldn’t put it past anyone on here to do these simple steps, so having a guide would just cut out a lot of the clutter. I also said that I would do it for you, if you would like:

Ah, sorry, I thought you wanted me to do it. Well, feel free, I’d love the help. I just don’t have the time.

P.S. Allowing pop-ups isn’t required, they can also click the link that replaces the Uses Bittorrent link.

Sooooo sloowwwww

Not really.

That’s nothing to do with this website.

Ok, I’ll work on it later. I have Monday off, but there is this whole “family gathering”…

Thanks. I’m glad I signed off of those a couple of years ago. If they’re not coming to anything for me, I’m not going to them either.

ok im really sorry but please tell me what a bookmarklet is and if it is a new tab please just tell me thanks

A bookmarklet is usually a bookmark on the bookmark bar below your address bar, but they can be any kind of bookmark.

I’m sorry mate, my feces are more clear than that definition…

A bookmarklet is basically a bookmark which contains javascript ( a web scripting language) which manipulates the html (source) of the web page.

An example of a bookmarklet would be one that gives you a link so you can download youtube videos, its basically a peice of javascript that goes through the page and inserts a hyperlink (link).

Further Reading:

An easier to use version of a bookmarklet is greasemonkey, its an addon for firefox which injects javascript into a webpage apon loading.

Note: Greasemonkey for me has caused problems with the facepunch forums, use at your own risk.


An easier to use version of a bookmarklet?

Now there’s you showing you have no idea what you’re talking about.
A Greasemonkey script usually changes the content of a page, but doesn’t do anything active. I could make this into one, but it’d be more complicated.
How is an extension easier than pushing one button?

can you please tell me how to make a new one?