How to download torrents from without a client.

Sure, which browser are you using?

Start by copying the code in the OP (opening post).

If you don’t see a bar under the location bar (where you type the web address), press Ctrl-B.
Then, right click on an empty space on that bar, click Add page, paste the code in the URL field, put a name at the top field (you can choose yourself) and click OK. Then use it as per the instructions in the OP.

Right-click on the bar under the location bar, click New bookmark, paste the code in the Location field, put a name at the top field and click OK. Then follow the instructions in the OP.

im using internet explorer

Then I’m not even sure it works, since IE is always shaky on that point and I don’t have (or wish to have) it installed. Maybe someone else can help.

oh ok but thanks for trying to help =)


wait i used firefox and i dl it and it worked but when i try and open it or extract it it says that access is denied and i cant delete it easther it says that is is being used in another program help! please

Close the download window.
This one:

Then click OK here:

I found this out when I tested it out. Should work.
Though it is unfortunate that we cannot leave the window open to seed… is that fixable?

This is a prime example of why a visual tutorial is needed. Unfortunately I still do not have enough time to make the full tutorial, I just had a bit of time so I did this quickly. I’ll also look into bookmarklets and internet explorer.

I had some more time, so I looked into something. I found a quick-fix to the access denied if you want it to continue seeding.
Simple as this:
-Copy the folder.
If you copy+paste and use the second one, then the first can still be used by the fake-client without any interruption to seeding.

And it works again, woot.

still not working in the download screen it says 100% complete but it says can not start download but it is still there on my desktop where i put it and it still says access is denied or the files are invalid help please thanks

were do i zip files for car addons


Doesn’t work. I type in the thingi in the URL and press enter but it come up with an error.

What error?

Also, please tell me you copy+pasted all of that into a file page, not on here or the home page of

All as in javascript: -to- void(0);

That’s why I included an error to account for that possibility. If it doesn’t find the torrent link form thing, it throws an error.


Thanks in advance by the way.

Garry should put a link to this on each download page or there should be a greasemonkey script that does this, it makes stuff way easier.

It’s practically a Greasemonkey script without the headers. I’ll complete that as soon as Garry implements the change I requested.

no dude the problem is that when i download something it easther stays at 0% and says cannot start download and the dot at the bottom right corner is red insterd of green and next to thr green arrow it says n/a and to the to right it also says n/a and i tryed what you told me to do and it did not work please help thanks

First Post:

What I posted solves that problem.

Second Post:

This is different than what you originally said.

And for that problem, unless you clicked the button on a gmod page that deosn’t require torrents, then I do not know.

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