How to download .torrents

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Without a Client

If you want to download .torrents from without a client, you must:

1) If you don’t already have it, then download and install Java

2) Create a bookmarlet using the code found in This Thread by doing the following:
a) Right click on your Bookmarks Tool Bar:

b) Click “New Bookmark”
c) Put whatever you want in the Name field, and the ENTIRE javascript code into the Location field. The rest are optional.

Move to step 3.

Internet Explorer
Unfortunately, the Bookmarklet does not work for Internet explorer. If you wish to use it, I recommend Downloading Firefox

a) Click on Bookmarks, Bookmark Page

b) Click Details, and put the Name as whatever you want, and the address as the entire Javascript code.
Move to step 3.

a) Click the Star next to the Address Bar, then click Edit

b) Input the correct data

c) Hit Ctrl+B or go to the Wrench Icon, then Always show Bookmarks bar

3) Navigate to a Download on that requires a Torrent download

4) Enter the Page, check to see that it requires Torrent

5) Click on the Bookmark button you created in step 2. You should be greeted with the following windows (If you are not, then allow pop ups from

Choose where you want the archive to download, and click save

For the next step, there are 2 options. Option 1 will remove the window and stop seeding, Option 2 will allow the window to continue seeding the file.
6) (option 1)
Close the window and click OK

The archive will be on the Desktop

6) (option 2)
This option is if you want the window to continue seeding.
a) Duplicate the Archive by copy + pasting it

b) Open and use the copy, but leave the first alone.
c) When you are done seeding, follow step 6, option 1.

With a Client
Note: This is the old version of this thread. A new one will be created later.


You must have a client installed in order to download a torrent.
µTorrent (pronounced Micro-Torrent or just You-Torrent) is an excellent, and small, torrent client. It is what I will be using for this. Alternatively you can google “Torrent Client”. (Note: After installing and running µTorrent, you can find the application in your system tray(bottom right by default))


A *.torrent file is a file that links to different trackers, it is very small and does not at all contain the file you are attempting to download. If your virus scanner thinks it contains a virus, it is most likely wrong with the case of
Download it and open it in µTorrent to begin the download.


A leecher is someone who is downloading the file provided by the seeder. You can easily tell if you are leeching or seeding by the indicator icon. Simlar to seeding, you can stop it by clicking the stop button.

Once you have opened the file and clicked on OK, you will begin leeching. Once it hits 100% you will get a notification icon in the bottom right of your screen.


A seed is when a person or server is allowing you to download a part (or whole if there is only one seed) of the file tracked by the *.torrent. You will be connected to multiple seeders at a time in order to download the file. After downloading, the icon used to show activity will change to this:

This is the icon indicating that you are now seeding. In order to stop this, simply click the stop button here:

It is highly recommended to lower your upload limit so that Surfing the web is at all possible. And to close out of your client if you want to play a multiplayer game.

You will begin seeding once the file hits 100%. You may stop it with the stop button.
When you wish to play a game, it is recommended that you close out of utorrent or stop all of your seeding/leeching. If you are allowing it to allocate high amounts of bandwidth, as with anything else, it will cause lag.

Where does it download to?

Typically it downloads to your download folder. I’m not sure where it is in windows XP, and it’s possibly located elsewhere in vista, but in Windows 7 it is at C:/Users/[username]/Downloads

There you will find the *.rar file. I’m not going to explain where to go from there.

*You may open it’s location by right clicking on the file listed in µTorrent and going to “Open Containing Folder” or just “Open File” since will be offering only .rars.

** Legality **

Using torrents is completely legal. An ISP might think you are downloading things illegally, but you could and should explain the situation to them. If they wont listen to reason, switch to a different ISP.

** Safety **

Downloading torrents from is just as safe as it was when you were directly downloading before. The chances of viruses have not increased at all.

Now, to test.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Find a file you wish to download that is bigger than 10 mb.
  3. Click download
  4. Once the *.torrent file starts downloading, wait .000001 seconds until it is complete. Bring a book.
  5. Open the *.torrent with µTorrent.
  6. Click OK to let it begin the download
  7. Wait 20 seconds. Bring an encyclopedia set.
  8. Right click and open
  9. Extract

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Leave a note that they’re better off turning off utorrent when going into a server. uTorrent will use your full connection to seed if needbe (which can result in a huge amount of lag).

I will leave a note that they can easily adjust the speed that they want utorrent to upload. Thanks for the suggestion.

Oh yea, I have to go to bed now but I will work on this around 5:00 PM Mountain time Tomorrow, after I get one quick fix up there.

That and I will add that playing games while seeding/leeching will result in lag, just like if you were normally downloading something.

TJ, please do add how to set the port forwarding,
Plus +1 for a Sticky.

Will do. Tomorrow though, sorry.

Sticky, nope. But it’s a good guide for people who know nothing about torrents.

Could you add that it is a common courtesy to seed the stuff you download, especially if the ratio of upload to download is below 1.00?

Besides that, I agree that this should become a Sticky

Come on. Lighten up Benji :3

Just limit the upload to something like 10KB/s and you will help other people and still be able to play online games.

Not his rules.

It is easier to Use BitTorrent as garry suggested from the post about the switch to torrents. All I had to do when I installed it was check the box asking if I wanted to associate all *.torrent files with BitTorrent. All I have to do now is download the torrent, double-click on itand click “OK”, and the file downloads to the same location as the torrent file by default. When the download ends, just hit stop to quit uploading.

This is ten time easier than uTorrent. Leave the default settings for BitTorrent to Unlimited (so it will automatically select the correct speeds rather than uTorrent which literally uses maximum speed :stuck_out_tongue: ).

You’re kidding, right?

um, what you described is the exact same as uTorrent.

and when they do the “correct” speed, that jsut means it goes at whatever the fastest speed it can handle is. When you set uTorrent to unlimited, that justs means it will go as fast as it can. (the options you can select are speed caps).

all torrent apps unless configured really well will rape your latency.

But not purely due to b/w use.

They also open allot of connections which cause routers to work harder routing where shit needs to go.

its better to just exit out, and re-open afterwoods

Also its better to set your seeding till your ratio is upto about 2 maybe 3

it’s a common courtesy to go until the ratio is at least 1 (but sharing is caring, so go as high as you want)

YOU sir are a lair.

I did a 420kb/s torrent on down and 150 up and it didn’t raise my latency at all,

I just had great damn loss and a fuckload of choke with it.


Needs a sticky.
Great guide, and while I don’t need it, I know several people who do.

fuck this bullshit man i need bit torrent AND utorrent?! fuck that man

No you don’t, you can have either. They are the same just Utorrent gets updates a week before Bittorrent.

uTorrent is also smaller/does the same thing as BitTorrent (while looking cooler).

just get uTorrent