How to easily add props to your map.

Hello there,

I was looking for a fast way to add multiple props to a map… Adding a prop_static / physics and changing the world model is quite a hassle if you want to add lots of random objects in a room.

Does anyone know a quick way to accomplish that ?

I remember that Gmod9 had a hammer exporter … What happened to it in Gmod 10 ? I cant find it there =\

Thanks for the help.

There really isn’t a fast way, the method you described would be the fastest way. Mapping requires patience.

Yes I agree, but isnt there an hammer exporter plugin for GMOD 10 ??

There was in 9, but I never got it to work properly.

wc_update, correct? For that you had to have hammer open in the background, with the game lanuched from the compiler, and it would update all your model positions. Not sure if it still works, and it would probably be buggy seeing as it was something that was carried over from warcraft (hence the wc_ prefix)

Yes because wc stands for warcraft ^^

I will try doing that now on my test map, ill see if it works.

-Ugh steam is having trouble connecting to steam servers …
I cant test it atm >.>

You needed both hammer open to the .vmf and gmod9, Pretty much compile minimze then open hammer.

It wasn’t designed for use with gmod and hence I’m not sure whether it will take account of and place for you props you spawn. It was designed to just update the position of existing prop_physics in the map.

I’m sure there’s a tool or some other addon you can download from that lets you export props and such. Give me a minute I’ll look for it and edit the post if I find it.

EDIT: Okay, I found this one which isn’t the one I was thinking of at first but give it a go.

wc =/= Warcraft…
It stands for WorldCraft.

Heh, source turns out to be derived from the warcraft engine. D:

I shall now firmly place my palm upon my face.

To clear up all the shite in this thread:

  1. WC = WorldCraft (Not WarCraft)

  2. WorldCraft = The old name for Hammer.

  3. Source is derived from the Quake Engine. Quake>>Quake World>>GoldSource>>Source.


Someone needs to revoke that dumb rating and fix their sarcasm meter methinks. :3:

Gah, I see the sarcasm now. I’m gonna give myself a “bad reading” rating and change your rating to a funny. :3:

Why don’t you just do it yourself? It doesn’t take long at all. There is no exporter for GMOD anymore, and the old one in Gmod9 never worked right anyway. Hammer is your best bet.

Old one in GMod9 worked perfectly. There was a Lua script for growing trees and then exporting them to hammer… Possibly you could use this?

The forest melon is the only thing that does it better than hammer. Mainly because when you’re placing that many trees you tend to make mistakes.

Welcome to the utter tediousness that is Hammer. At least you can copy objects you already placed if you want more of them.