How to edit a GMOD map

Hey, so a while ago i asked for help on a forum on how to open a gmod map and edit it, but i really dont understand how to do it so he told me if i have any questions i should go to this forum so here i am.

So what i want to know is how to open a map and edit everything like spawnpoints and texture edeting etc. would love a step to step or a video or something. I googled alot but couldnt find what i was looking for.

".bsp is the compiled version of the map. If you wish to edit maps, you must decompile them first.
Ask any mapping related questions there:

We do not provide help with modifying the game here."

that is what i got but i need more help please. if there is any thread about this that i would love a link to it! Thank you

Well, you can’t open, edit and save compiled maps just like that.

To change anything on the map you have to decompile the map to .vmf file. (using “bspsrc” for example).

Then you are free to change everything you want, but you have to know how to use Hammer.

But… if the map (that you are decompiling) has any custom content (non-standard textures, models and sounds) you won’t get them after decompiling.
In that case, you have to extract them from .bsp manually, using another program (like “GCFScape”).
But using custom content made by someone else without their permission is considered, well… as not fair? :slight_smile:

After making your changes you have to compile the map to .bsp again.
And if you are using that custom content (that you extracted earlier), you have to add it to your new .bsp file again (using “VIDE” this time).

So, as you see, editing an existing .bsp map is a shitload of work :slight_smile:

Technically it’s like making new map and there is plenty space for possible errors.

Cheers :slight_smile:

i dont understand why they just dont make it as easy as csgo and the other one that uses hammer. i do know how to use hammer and i have permissions to edit some maps from the owner, someone wanted me to help him with the maps and thats why im here

You’ll still be using Hammer, you just need to get the source .vmf file. If you only have the compiled .bsp file, you’ll need to decompile it to get the .vmf file.

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All Source games use Hammer.

Worth noting that decompiling BSP files usually messes up a lot of shit in the outputted VMF.

Try to get the original VMF from the authors.

Basically. Not only will you not have to deal with errors caused by decompiling, you definitely have permission to edit the map if you were given the vmf by the author.