How to edit already exsisting personal skins?

Does anyone know how to edit personal skins? (My personal skin was made by some one else)

I know how to make personal skins. But Im not sure where I would find the .vtf file in GCFscape…So if anyone could help it would be nice…

i don’t know what to say

i can’t tell if you’re serious or if you’re just a really fucking good troll

I mean I looked in the garrys mod folder the source materials folder and I cant find shit.

Also. quit the shitposting.

You couldn’t find a .VTF file in source materials.gcf? Eh?

Not mine atleast. Just regular citizen sheets.

That’s because it never goes in a .gcf file. Ever, or at least that’s what I think since updates to source materials.gcf would probably replace the whole archive. Wouldn’t a personal skin go in one of the game’s material files…?

Above is right.