How to edit an existing map? Valve's hammer editor.

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Can I edit a map, downloaded from the workshop, using valve’s map editor?

Yes, but first you need to convert it back to a .vmf file using an external program such as this. Decompiled maps aren’t always perfect and can have some slight differences and broken entities.

yes it is possible 1st you’ll need to decompile it bspscr is ok at that, if the map came in a .gma file you’ll need to find a .gma file extractor too,
try and get the original map’s author to give you permission to edit it you migth be luck and he’ll give you the vmf to it.
when decompiling it can cause errors which you have to fix before it’ll compile back to a bsp

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I only thing I know bsprc breaks is func_ladders. Of course, recompiled decompiled maps will always run slower than the original unless the original was horribly optimized and you optimize it yourself.

Just to reiterate - there will be performance issues on a decompiled map.

That is caused by the decompiler which is unable to restore hint/skip brushes, which manually cut visleafs to improve optimization, so the map’s only optimization is source’s automatic visleaf cutting.

It breaks/removes areaportals as well, and if you’re really unlucky it can throw some shit off grid too. If it’s only small edits it might not be worth it, or you can try adding modifications through Lua.

But I am having the following error:

You don’t have Hammer set up correctly.
If I remember correctly you a supposed to launch Hammer from the gmod folder and not the SDK.

I’ve followed this guide, is bad?

That’s from eight years ago, much has changed. There are a few ways you can use Hammer.

  1. If you own Counter-Strike Source go to \Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\bin\ and use hammer.exe there.

  2. If you don’t own CS:S then use \Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin\hammer.exe although it wont have any of the CS:S textures. It wont have that many textures in general.

  3. This way is a bit more advanced but definitely the best way. Download the Multiplayer SourceSDK Base 2013 (In Steam go to library then tools). Then follow this tutorial.

Thank you so much!!! I’ve used the first method and it works!

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