How to edit the animations of a CUSTOM skeleton?

There is a Spyro player model (Yes, FINALLY!) that I want to edit the animations, because it is using the My Little Pony animations and it doesn’t look right on Spyro (Front legs bend backwards and running is not like a dragon, more like a horse).

I decompiled the Spyro mod and found all of the animations. I installed an smd import/export addon into blender. The problem is that I don’t want to use blender for animating it. It’s confusing with its UI and it makes things more complicated than it should be. Also, blender successfully was able to play the animation, but when I tried to edit it, it did not update the keyframe. I am in Pose mode.

I found some things like the Gmod Lua Animation Editor, but it only supports valvebiped skeletons.

I looked everywhere for something that supports custom skeletons, but can’t find one!

Can anyone show me an animation tutorial for blender with Gmod custom skeletons?

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I need help.

Not exactly sure what you’re expecting.
You don’t need a Garry’s Mod specific tutorial for making animations.
Look up existing tutorials for making animations/keyframes for Blender.
Besides jumping into Blender without any idea of how to use the UI and trying to make animations is just a bad idea, in fact that goes for any modeling program.
You’re going to want to get a grip on how operate the program and understand its interface before you even attempt animations.