How to edit the classic hl2 weapons?

I currently have an rp server and i was wondering if you could edit the weapon_gravgun so it doesn’t have a knock back by simply unbinding mouse1
My question is where’s the hl2 weapon/item folder and can they be modified with lua?

I think I’ll save you a lot of time by pointing out that either Falco Prop Protection or DarkRP ( Can’t remember which ) comes with builtin prop punting protection. So all you have to do is find the option and toggle it on.

Now as for answering your question the classic answer is “You can’t edit the HL2 weapons because they’re hard-coded into the game” and that’s true. Recently some people have recreated most of them in lua so that you can then edit them but as far as I know this still is not the case for the gravity gun.

The wiki is really useful, just hook that and return false.
For example:
local function noPunt(ply, ent)
return false
hook.Add(“GravGunPunt”, “noPunt”, noPunt)
You could check the entity to punt and allow only a few specific items for example.
(I wonder if you could make it punt players :open_mouth: )

Your my new hero <3