How to enhance textures?

I use mostly and somtimes I use GIMP. However, if there are better free alternatives than or GIMP, you may suggest some programs to use.

I am currently trying to find a better method on how to enhance textures than the use of Sharpen. If anyone could suggest any better methods, that would very helpful.

if you got gimp your set imho. what sort of textures you got? the technique is always the same. like hollywood “scale up and enhance”. how you do it is your choice. you can use filters or really paint them. there’s not much more to tell.

hollywood “scale up and enhance”? I am sorry. I didn’t really get what this is suppose to mean.

Anyways, for your reference, the textures are cel shadered, similar to what TF2 textures look like. It didn’t work to well with the Sharpen method as brighten some parts of the texture for some reason.

An example of the textures I am talking about.

is not hollywood? this?

got that. poketoons. how large is that 256x128? still… you gotta resize/rescale the texture to 512x256 or larger and then you could sharpen it or use other filters or paint it better. this one looks a lil complicated you might need to export it’s uvlayout to not paint onto the wrong surfaces.

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It’s 512 x 256. Also, what are the other filters to use though?

He’s just joshing you.
There’s no real way to upscale textures and make them more clear without re-making them from scratch.

Really? Someone told me there has to be another way. Because I dearly hope that this isn’t the only to enhance textures without having to remake the whole texture again.

you don’t need to redo it completely, just refine it. those cel shade anime models are rather nice to do. you just gotta repaint the shades and those lines and edges corrected and sharp. it’s a lil bit of art work. there’s no magic formula or filter that does that for you. :slight_smile:

Then how come earlier you said you need to use some kind of filter? And then now you said, you can’t use some filter to enhance these kind of textures?

Anyhow, this kind of work seems kinda of out of my league. I don’t really have much skill in the ways of image editing, so I am not too sure if I can pull this off. If possible, can you provide some examples, tutorials, and guildlines on how to do this type of thing, so I can get a sense on what to do?

The only techniques I know/personally use are Photoshop filters (de-noise, sharpen, upscale) or use Substance Painter -> import mesh and textures -> set render size to higher resolution -> export.

All other methods I’ve seen point to sharpening the texture, then upscale, then sharpen again.

If you’re willing to, you can cut the image into sections by color (light blue, blue, dark blue, light red, red, dark red, etc), create a mask from those cutouts, create a new document with the resolution you want, then use the color picker and fill tools to fill in the areas with the appropriate colors. The reason this works is because the image you have doesn’t have AO or dirt baked into it, otherwise you would have to manually re-apply the AO and dirt on top of the upscaled version.

If I only had Photoshop. Too bad that will cost a fortune to get. I am quite surprised there aren’t many methods that enhance textures. I would at least expect more methods other than sharpen method.

To be fairly honest with you, you are can sometimes be pretty snarky and hard to understand at some times.

i dunno what filters you got. i myself usually don’t need those so… just sharpen is the one i’d ‘recommend’. maybe you find plugins for complex filters. if that is your league to figure, which i don’t think is the case. now… for repainting i couldn’t find any good tutorial that focuses on model texture enhancement. or completely focused on cel texture painting. the one i found is a edit of a female with a ton boobs in the picture. probably not what i should post. anway…

tip here is to get the uv layout rendered to use a guide layer in gimp. you don’t paint in that. just a mask.

then just paint the texture over. whether paint it or copy and repaint it. get brushes you can get comfortable with. use pathes or whatever you can use to redraw the lines. maybe you wanna use the shift click line drawer. use layers. use selection and color fill. use brushes with sharp edges or slightly edgy to get the cel shades. and just cause… your slightly enhanced screenshot… is that an ear of this one?!? i’m not a pro painter either, but this is definetely something you can do.

btw… that rating remarks wasn’t your problem. i just hate random readers pushing those button. now it’s off. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. I was merely just voicing my opinion. That was all.

Anyways, I am having quite a very hard time understanding what you are trying to say here and what the context of the picture is suppose to show me. The picture doesn’t really tell me on what to do. All it just show is the end result not the steps that show how to do it. I mean at least show how you achieve that result.

i did nothing special. just painting. so what should i post here? sorry. shrugs mhh.

So you basically you are telling you just did this?

I know that isn’t perfect. But that’s how I interpreted what you were saying.

I mean regardless this way is just too painstaking and time consuming to do, because I am dealing with a lot of textures and I have to paint through every single one of them manually. Unless you can give me an alternative method, I might as well just use the sharpen method instead.

use the menu image->scale image. in there use a multiple of the resolution. i’d say could just use 1024x512 or if you wanna go nuts 2048x1024. then you get a smudged upscale of it. but you can paint very thin pixels lines then. then you start repainting it. you got a color picker and brushes in all sizes you might need.

and… nope… I don’t have any better way to create better quality textures. if you wan’t quick then do the quick way. the sharpen. it won’t look as good tho. your choice. your time too. i get that. and then this topic is dunzo for me. maybe somebody else comes up with something better. :slight_smile:

Well, regardless, I thank you for the help. Hopefully maybe I find someone who knows soon enough.

If you would like to try to edit the textures in Photoshop, Photoshop CS2 is completely free and still has great user-made plugin support. I don’t have the link on me, but it’s an easy search to find it.
You can test out different methods with Photoshop, then when you find a combination of filters that fit your liking, you can record it as an action and bind it to a key combination, then simply import textures and play the action (side note: you can allow the action to save and close your texture, making the action allow you to simply repress the key combo over and over until all your opened textures are upscaled/sharpened and saved).

Really? Photoshop CS2 is free? I didn’t know that. I will have to try that out.

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Alright. I am giving Photoshop CS2 a try, but so far, I have yet to find the right combination of filters to use, it seems that the filters (reduce noise, sharpen, and upscale) seems to make the texture slightly better or maybe slightly worse, but with a barely noticeable difference. Probably the reason behind this is that I didn’t configure the filter settings properly. However, I have tried looking for tutorials on how to enhance textures, but so far, the tutorials didn’t really help me that much.



Since this texture is simple (cel shade), you could retraced it by using some automated program (I used for this one, it’s the only I know, not sure if there are others).
Yes, it is a very dirty way to get old low res textures in higher resolution and isn’t always perfect, but you may use it as base instead of the original texture since some retraced parts will match your needs, and the other parts that don’t you may redo them manually using any program you prefer.

It is something that might save you some time and work.