How to export anims from blender?

Hey there. Im having to change my program of choice for exporting SMD’s so this time Im using blender. How do i export an animation file from blender?

Ive had to export from Cinema 4D as FBX into blender and i cant export anything from blender as I need a mesh but since its a anim file, there must be no mesh. How can I export this as an anim smd? The option is coming out blank and until I add a mesh, itll then allow me to export but only that mesh.


make sure your animation imported correct. check if the keyframes exist.

Keyframes do exist, its just that nothing will show when I have the export menu open. Heres the DL link for it

okay. works for me. i’m not sure what the problem could be.

Ah sorry i uploaded the wrong file, It was meant to be this FBX file:

EDIT: Sorry I had the wrong FBX version. Im not used to blender but that seemed to fix it, thanks for the help though!

sorry… i didn’t think either. you wanted fbx import. now… tho… what was the issue? mind explaining. you exported that file without animation? cause… that’s what i’d guess. the file is just empty ‘bones’. it doesn’t even import as armature tho.

Right so basically what it was that i was trying to import my FBX file which was exported from Cinema 4D. The entire rig was messing up as shown in this screenshot here:

So then I thought it was an issue with my FBX exporter which it was. So i exported from C4D to 3DS MAX and then exported as FBX again and then imported that into blender. That still gave the same issue.

So now ive gone backwards for some weird reason and that SMD was from another addon that I reverse enginered but my fbx file isnt working

If you want i can upload the FBX file