How to export/compile bones into SFM?

So I have been editing a hexed engineer model. I have the edited mesh and textures recompiled into Source .mdl’s that work fine, but when I open the model up in SFM most of the skeleton is gone. I’m left with the hip bones and maybe a few other things. I’m missing the mouth phonemes as well. The skeleton is unedited and shows up in 3ds Max/Maya. I was thinking that I may have to edit a .qc file somewhere or export the skeleton separately. Does anyone have any tutorial or any way to export and compile the skeleton into Source?


are the bones rigged to the mesh

Is everything in the bone chain rigged to the mesh as well?

Not really sure. I’ll go check.

Alright, that got my bones into SFM. Now I’m having issue with rotation though. Every bone’s pivot point is at the 0-Axis and doesn’t really rotate according to any hierarchy. Would this be a weighting issue or a bone chain issue?


As for facial movements/expressions, I would have to remake them in the mesh right? The face mesh has been only slightly modified with no deleted/added vertices. Any chance I could use the old engineer facial transforms (albeit slightly off) or would it be impossible sine the mesh had been edited?

Thanks for your help man.

Your problem is wth selecting multiple bones together. select each bone alone and if you need to move them both, create a helper object.

In that picture I am selecting two bones but it does it selecting one bone as well. The rotation point automatically goes between the models feet.