How to EXPORT from GTA V into Blender (Intended for GMod people, maybe for you too!)

You probably know who i am, if not, im yung and i usually am working on exporting 3d models from games such as Division, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon Wildlands, etc.

today im going to give a tired guide on how to export GTA V (Five) from the game to wavefront OBJ or really anything supported by blender.

Im making this guide because I use PAC3, an addon on GMod, to use these assets as outfit pieces for my playermodel. So I wanted to spread the word so people can do this themselves.

First things first, you’re gonna need a copy of GTA V, and OpenIV, alongside Blender. GTA V is about 60 dollars last I checked, but everything else is free.

Download OpenIV, and install it, and if you haven’t already, install GTA V and Blender.

Now, I don’t own these plugins I’m about to link, but I am gonna upload them because I can’t find the original download links. Will update as I find them.

Next thing you wanna do is download those plugins. Unzip the gibberish col Rar to a folder you want to do work with, for me I have a folder called pac3stuff/gtav/(gibberish)

Then, open blender and go to user preferences, located in file… and click the button at the bottom stating to install from file, and select the zip.
Be sure its enabled.

Now here comes the fun parts, open OpenIV and start digging into .rpf files, which are pretty much the packages of content from GTAV. For example, I entered the update directory, then to x64, and to dlcpacks.

They list off all the dlc content updates here. For this example, I’m gonna go into “mpsmuggler” as this was at the current time of writing the latest update, and has some pretty sick stuff.

Now that you’re in your chosen update, or whatever, enter the .rpf, then to x64, then to models, and to cdimages. It will say a couple things, but choose the (dlcpack)_male.rpf for now.

One more folder, and you’re in to the 3d models and textures. The drawable dictionary will show you the different models, while the texture dictionary has the corresponding models with their related camos and textures. Let’s rip out “berd_005_u.ydd”

As you can see, we’re taking out a full face mask shemagh with a corresponding dust brown texture automatically added to it. Head back out to the list of drawables, and right click on the drawable you want to get, and click extract. After you do that, it will bring up file explorer. Extract it to the ‘converter’ folder in the gibberish folder we unzipped earlier.

After that, you wanna drag the .YDD to the application/.EXE inside of converter, and it will automatically convert it to another file extension called .DFF. We will head back to Blender at this point.

Click file… import… “renderware (.dff)”.

Look for the .dff file inside of the converter folder, it should be a bunch of gibberish too, but it is a .dff .

Export it out as a .obj, rename it to your desired name, and you’re good as gold.

Here’s what I did with a TnB model and the new Low Beanie from GTA V.
Leave any questions as a reply, please don’t PM me or you’ll get a delayed response cuz that button is so small to notice I got messages.