How to export models from a unity game?

So I’ve been wanting to get some of the new models out of the Verdun game, because we don’t really have any WW1 models other than the shithouse ones from necrovision. The only problem is I have no clue how to actually get the models out of the game, it’s a 64 bit process now so there goes using ninja ripper out the window. I do know however the game runs off the unity engine, and I was wondering if maybe like unreal unity has some kind of model tools where I could just export the models and textures into another format (such as OBJ).

Here’s pics of some the models I want to port to gmod/sfm just so this thread doesn’t look super bland.[/t]

this might be able to help…
the unity asset explorer

Google “Disunity” and “Unity 3ds Max Import”, both work wonderfully.

It depends on what Unity version you’re trying to rip from, I don’t think there is a ripper for really recent Unity games yet.

So, would this also work on those AR builders? If I could get my hands on those assets…

Well, spawning the model would probably crash the game\SFM after I’m done with it.

It’s just not possible as for today. I’ve tried all the tools available with Ninja and none of them seems to work. The only way to get the files is to know how to do reverse-engineering.

Reverse-engineering = Disunty or the Unity Importer for 3ds Max. Pretty much any Unity game up until Unity 5 can be extracted.

and verdun is unity 5 as far as i can tell

Bump, Was wondering if anyone had any progress on this?