How To Export Your Map Into Garry's Mod

  1. Make your map in Source SDK
  2. When done, click File > Run Map…
  3. You wait for that to be done loading…
  4. Done

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what are you doing

Yeah. This is information literally everyone in this section of the forum already knows. Or atleast most of them.

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Oh, he made The Box [gm_thebox] thread too, just a “troll”

Its a noob tutorial.

OP can you make a batch file to do step #5?

How did you figure this out? Do you work at Valve?

i can’t find the bsp where is it

How do I rename the bsp? Also i’ve got the vmf what do i do with that?

i cant find the map name.bsp on desktop

help pls

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can u also make a tutorial how to make good maps?

If you can’t find name.bsp, make your map, save it (on your desktop), then do this.

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Either rename the save file, or Right Click > Rename

i still ont get how to make good maps

What is a map? :tinfoil:

thx but i knew how to do this 8 years ago

I don’t see anything called “MapName.bsp”
I searched my whole hard-drive. Nothing.

Oh, mistake lol - You wanna install it

Just stop.