How to extract GEOMETRY.MBIN.PC files

Hi there. Ive managed to extract the files from No Mans Sky and I’m trying to get its models ported. Textures ive managed to get into a DDS format which is fine because i can convert them to anything I want but the model files hmmm now thats a handful. There are many seperate meshes for each part of everything. Heres an example:

Heres one engine variation model file:

Now how the hell do i open this file? So far ive researched that this is just a container, a bit like a database where everything goes in here but is there anyway to open it and extract its model? Thanks

MBIN Files are a compressed format that holds the models, as you can see… fortunately, there’s a program that extract files from MBIN format.

look at this page and give it a shot, I’m currently preparing to get models from NMS as well. I will try to catch some creatures, (But since all of the alien creatures, xcept the NPC are procedural, I dunno how can I extract them completed, those might be separeted in body parts and I might screw up putting the parts together. :stuck_out_tongue:

the ships seems to be individual meshes and are much easier than procedural creatures :3, (Xcept perhaps the Freighters that have internal base building feature)

Good luck.