How to extract GTA V Files ?

hey can somebody help me here ? I found a way on how to get the models from GTA 5 (trust me) and I have the game and I want to know how to extract it like this :

does anyone have an idea on how did he extract the files from the game ? please help :slight_smile:

The models are in rpf and gtx format and they can be extracted like GTA 4.

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A link to piratebay?. Dont think so.

I think he’s just showing an example of someone who extracted his models.

why ?

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yes yes someone extracted the models and they’re stored in gtx format.

Yes I early extracted some textures and other (sounds in AWC format).
For extracting RPF files it’s very easy, you need to generate your game key with a soft and use this tool

For GTX files I don’t remember for moment but i’ll think about :slight_smile:

are the textures and sounds of GTA 5 in RPF files ?

Tutorial please ? how did you extract the sounds ? and Textures ?

I think the best is here:

just wait for openiv support on the pc holy fuck.

yeah sure Just wait another 6 months for the release of the PC version that will be a great waiting right ?

Stop being such a desperate prick for fucks sakes, the textures in the console version are 512x512, are you sure you want some low-res textured model rather than some higher-res ones?

That’s the standard texture size for the source engine.

yes but the PC version isn’t coming out don’t you understand ?

pc ver is nov 22 or earlier

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Oh come on, every main GTA game has came out on PC. It’ll eventually come out.

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I suggest you stop now, you don’t have a acceptable thread record as I’ve seen, be patient and wait for the PC version.