How To Fck Over This Clans Base?

I moved out into Hacker valley & there is a clan living out there of maybe 5 players & they kos me & every player on sight including Nakeds (complete dickholes ik…), I know where their base is & I can make c4 but it takes time for me to collect it because of them. I would move somewhere else but this place is close to a rad town where my friends raid at & I need to be in walking distance to it plus this place has such few players living here there is so many resources just laying around. I would like to know the best possible way to fck over there base & make them move with the least amount of c4, Just let me know what & how to do it.

Video of there base is in the link below.

You can’t just blow a couple of holes in some walls and expect them to leave. There’s five of them and one of you.

They will have to leave if I continue to do it, I have the upper hand because I know where they live & can make c4, As for them I am a random who runs around in the area they know nothing about. But nvm this thread, Ill take there doors down & replace em with mine & trap em, if they continue to mess with me when im collecting resources I will continue to wreck there base & c4 it to bits, This is why I can expect them to leave, They need there base hidden from players like me.

Thought I would get some pro responses from here but I guess not :confused: Door trick will have to make do.

This is a dumb post. I’m not going to tell you how to really f them, why should they leave? They have numbers, and you are asking the forums for tips. You’re just gonna get owned.

Replace doors when they are offline, set doors to unlocked, hope they don’t notice, once you have taken over most of the base and hit their loot room, lock all the doors and claim their base as your own.

Just save up to make like 16 c4 then blow the shit out of the walls and work ur way up

This is what I would do. Barricade and c4 the wall on the second floor and find the staircases all of them, chop down and replace all with ceilings and walk out of the place, remember to replace the wall you C4 with a new one. And hack off the barricade. This is the ultimate grief, they cant get out, they can’t get in to their stuff on the second floor on-wards, Most likely this would force them to abandon base which I think you are aiming for rather for looting all their stuff. Total number of c4 Should be around 10 - 20 depending how many you need to find their staircase.

If there is no remover tool mod on the server you can blow holes in the walls and place pillars in the middle so they can not rebuild them and breaking the stairs and placing ceilings always works as well.

Dumb? They have numbers that are rarely on at the same time which renders them nearly useless, They deserve it for being douch bags to every player who comes by their base & ill find joy in greifing them for it, Whether you tell me here or not ill just find other sources that will. I gave them multiple chances for peace, they patrol all of North, Middle & South of Hacker Valley & deserve to be taken down.

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This one is actually very useful, Thanks! :smiley: im up to 3 c4, Have quite a bit to go still :frowning:

Yep that was the exact same i was thinking about. Ultimate way to force them to move to another place.

Wanna let us know which server this is on? :slight_smile:

I would do the C4/door/staircase suggestion, but work my from the top, down. You can build a trojan staircase to the side of it where they didnt build any pillars because the foundation wont build anymore. Just build a foundation as close as you can to that side of the base and start building a staircase until its taller then their base and you can jump down on it.

Gather a group of people 5-10. All craft at least 5 C4. And mess their base up whilst they are offline.

I also live in Hacker Valley, you aren’t close to Radtown at all, the distance between the furthest southwest radtown and the northeastern one you are closest to is less than the distance between hacker valley and that radtown.

Why dont you use your friends to raid them ?

I dont understand all this griefing while offline, just seems like a pussy way to handle it.

First of all you come to their territory expecting them to play by your rules, which is unlikely, then you are mad over getting killed in an empty area, which probably is why it is empty.

Did you ever think about that is what they wanted?

Gather your friends and do a proper raid instead of this griefing bullshit, its all gonna end in tears anyway. Have at it lol.

I blew into there side wall & killed someone & destroyed 3 of there beds, Got full kev & some decent supplies, Broke down 1 of there stairs & placed a ceiling, they have a smart setup so I wasnt able to do more, then had a friend of mine go at it after me & he got in from the top, We messed up the place lol. Would have been able to do more but gathering supplies takes so long x.x Mite have another go at it tonight.