How to filter prop_physics to EnableMotion?

I want to do one thing but I don’t know how filters work.
I want props to enablemotion within a trigger area every 15 seconds using a timer.
My friend has suggested me to use a filter, I don’t know how to get this to work and I just want the prop_physics to enablemotion every 15 seconds within the trigger area, so it doesn’t enablemotion for everything else on the map.
How do I do this?
I have a logic_timer set to refire every 15 seconds after a button is pressed, and a trigger_multiple.
Please help.

Without filters, you can’t do it.
Filters are easy. Make a filter_activator_class. Name it something like “filter_enablemotion_01” (without quotes, obviously), Filter Mode to Allow entities that match criteria and Filter Classname to “prop_to_enablemotion”. Name every prop within your trigger volume “prop_to_enablemotion”. Then, in the trigger_multiple (or whatever your trigger is, except trigger_once), Filter Name should be “filter_enablemotion_01”. Name the trigger something like “trigger_to_enablemotion”, and in the flags untick “Clients” and tick “Physics Objects” and “Physics Debris” (if you have any). Add an output:

My output named: OnStartTouch
Targets entities named: filter_enablemotion_01
Via this input: Enable

Then, go to your logic_timer and set the output

My output named: OnTimer
Targets entities named: prop_to_enablemotion
Via this input: EnableMotion

And you’re good to go! Hope this helped you. If any problems appear, simply ask.

Use a trigger_multiple with flag Everything.

Filter it with a filter_activator_class.
Name it what u want.
Filter Mode = Allow entities that match criteria
Filter Classname = “prop_physics”

Use a logic_timer. Set the Refiretime to 15.
In its Output add:
OnTimer triggername,Disable,<delay = 0>
OnTimer triggername,Enable,<delay = 0.1>

On the trigger output add:
OnStartTouch !activator,EnableMotion,<delay = 0>

The timer will disable-enable the trigger every 15 seconds. So anything in it (only the prop_physics since the trigger is filtered) will touch the trigger again and fire the Output again.