How to find a long living server?

Hey Guys

first of all, im pretty new to Rust (like 2 weeks) and absolutley new to these forums. So hi everybody :slight_smile:

My mate and I have some troubles to find a server which doesn’t die after a few days… we were on 5 server and all of them died (from 50+ to 2-5 ppl on) and we couldnt raid once :frowning:

So my question: How do u guys find a good server with active admins and so on which wont die in the first days? Could you suggest a nice one or something?

Thanks for help!

try the website toprustservers, it’s an independent listing wher epeoepl post server ads adn you can filter them, show how many are online on the server etc, many have helpful comments.

It’s more or less because rust has been losing a huge player base since february. In addition to that the steam summer sale seems to have got other people trying other games.

Wait till next week to see if it picks up at all.