How to find friends on Rust?

My friends are going to buy a rust key. How did you find your friends in rust? Share your methods.

run towards the moon

just use skype

Run along the road, find a high hill, run towards moon/sun, go to ocean

Use the Rad areas as a landmark, or loot spawns, then meet them there and escort to base, like a recon mission.


Hes not asking how to meet friends he wants to know of tactics to meet up with HIS friends in game.

In order for you to be able to meet up with your friends at least one of you needs a good idea of the map its self. Tell them to find a road and follow it till they find a rad zone and then have them describe the rad zone to you so you know where they are.

Does it have a smoke stack, can you see the water from it, is it surrounded by a wall, does it have a road running thru it or to the side of it. There are all things you can ask to find out which rad zone they are near… granted YOU know the rads zones.

Maybe they will add a friendslist later in the game, most likely not though

Do as you would in real life, only without modern technology.

You could Skype Call

They have already said there will be no friends lists.

Oh well

just a idea use the large grid map on wiki and look for land marks. For example my friend told me to meet at the hanger i didn’t know how to get there i was right next to a rad zone factory so i looked for the one that looked must like it on the grid map and then i found my hanger.

You spawn at the hanger alot so me and my friends keep suiciding until we all spawn at the hanger.

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We use a game map and landmarks.

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Use the mountain

He is talking about how him and his friends can find each other on the map. As a new spawn it’s very difficult to find each other since everything basically looks the same.