How to find friends or people in Rust

Hello all, i would simply like to know how i could find some of my friends who are in the game, since i dont have any map,

Kind regards

Sorry, but you will have to go off landmarks and mountains, there is no friend system or maps so you will just have to wander until you come across him :\ hope you find him though!

krud you are a liar and qelroy here is a map

What makes him a liar? There isn’t a friends system or map IN GAME.

he didnt say in game and i was just talking about a map i didnt clarify that

OP specifically stated ‘in-game’. You’d imagine that the intent of his question relates to a presentable way to locating allies… in-game.

When I’m trying to navigate a friend to my location I usually find the road and build a fireplace, or some sort of landmark, then my friend will run on the road until he comes across it.

Not the quickest way, but it has worked several times.

used this method multiple times when starting out. It does work, like he said time consuming but the more you do it the better you get at learning the roads and landmarks.