How to find leak in Hammer?

I seem to have a leak in my map in Hammer. Apparantly the water surface doesn’t show up, and as soon as I touch the water, I crash.

Someone told me this shows there is a leak in the map.
Could someone please tell me how to locate it and how to ELIMINATE it?

Go to Map>Load Pointfile and it’ll draw up a red line that points to where the leak is. To eliminate a leak, just seal any gaps into your map from the “void” DO NOT ENCLOSE THE WHOLE MAP IN A BOX. Or if there is an entity outside your map inside the “void” just delete it, as it’s probably misplaced.

Also, be sure you unload the pointfile before compiling again Map>Unload Pointfile

When I use Load Pointfile it opens a loading window, and locates to HammerAutosave, but there are no files there?

post your compile log. Make sure there is at least 1 entity in the map. Did you press Yes when it asked you to load the default pointfile?

That generally means there is no pointfile to load, meaning the leak is gone.

or that there is no entity in his map, which would mean that no line can be drawn from an entity to the void.

There are 3 entities. A light_environment, a env_fire and a env_smoke-something…

But if there’s no leak, how come I can’t see the water?

It’s basically just a big block put in a sinked, displacemented area.

Running VVIS and VRAD on normal?

Using a proper water material?

I see what you did wrong. you need to place env_cubemaps around the map.

go to the water, select it, and change it to a “nodraw” texture. change the top texture to whatever water texture you had before, and that should fix the problem.

Oops. I’m running it on fast :ohdear:

Is that my problam.

You can see water with no cubemaps.

Fast vis and rad will show water.

Post your compile log.

Proably, run it on normal, no need to run it on fast, doesn’t change much in compile time. I think you can wait the extra minute/minutes or seconds.

And as suggested erlier, post your compile log.

Okay, Compiling now. Hoping to see results :smiley:


Compile log:

No leaks…what water texture are you using?

The water is now visible, but on touching it the game crashes :frowning:

What water texture are you using?


water_sewer01 i think.

Does it have “b” in the end? That will cause problems.

I had this problem once, turned out i had a light entity set to low, so when i got into the water i was touching both the light entity and water.

Dunno if this crashes the game, but it did for me