How to find steam profile

Hi for the last couple of days some guys have been harassing me by using an aimhack (‘they shoot from abnormal distances always a headshot’) and raiding me from their rockbase, i moved but they always seem to comeback somehow…
I’m trying to report em but when i try to find their steamprofile with shift + tab then view players it says “No Steam users reported by the game server”… And their names are to common to find in normal search mode. Is there any other way to find the profiles so i can report these people?

  1. Press F1 and type ‘Status’ in console

  2. Look for their name, the large number to the far left that looks something like ‘76561197960435530’

  3. Write it down and go to Steam Community :: Error[NUMBER HERE]

Thanks! Any chance u also know what to do against rockbases?

Can’t do much except report them to a server admin if possible