How to find this entity ??? Help Please !


I’m sorry for my bad english, because english is not my first language. So, I have a problem to compiling my map. The problem is here:
Error: displacement found on a(n) func_healthcharger entity - not supported (entity 4273, brush 0)**

I need to find this entity, but i don’t now how I could do to find it. Please help, thanks you !

eayist would be to using visgroups hide everythig then enable just the displacements you should beeable to see the func_healthcharger entity if not once all displacements are selected right click and move to world which should untie the entity

The move to world didn’t work…

Open the .vmf in text editor and search for “4273” including the quote marks. It will scroll you to something like this:

Where you can see the physical position of the entity, the “origin” “position here” thing.

I could not guess it :confused:

Follow Robotboy655’s advice and you won’t fail. All you need to do is use CRTL+F and input “4273”, and use the origin position to locate the entity - you can go to coordinates in hammer.

I do not find

click the map button then open entity report and search for each func_healthcharger select each one and click goto when you click the one that goes to a displacement delete it and remake the displacement :slight_smile:

Thank you so much ! Mostly taz0 but Robotboy655 & SharpOB too !