How to fix all binary module problems and debug GMod again (aka Fuck Themida)

**Hope is not lost for binary modules in Retail GMod!
After removing the Themida protection that garry decided to put on his game DLLs, we can now have the game as they should be: open for modification.

Here is a step by step process to taking your GMod back.

Step 1) **Download the required files. **( I am not a threat to your security. )

Step 2 ) Create a directory “sourcemods” in “[SteamDir]/steamapps/sourcemods/”

Step 3 ) Copy the directory “garrysmod” from “[SteamDir]/steamapps/>yourname</garrysmod” (The second garrysmod folder)

Step 4 ) Paste that directory in the “sourcemods” directory you just made/found.

Step 5 ) Download GCFScape. Using GCFScape, extract “garrysmod” folder from the “garrysmod content.gcf” file found in “[SteamDir]/steamapps” to your new “garrysmod” folder in the “sourcemods” folder. (Do not overwrite any files)

Step 6 ) Extract the contents of the RAR from Step 1 into the new garrysmod folder at “garrysmod/garrysmod/bin/”, this should overwrite exactly three files.

Step 7 ) Modify “gameinfo.txt” in the second garrysmod folder you made. Change the name of “Garry’s Mod” to whatever you want. ( Personally I’m a fan of Larry’s Mod. Some prefer Gayry’s Mod. )

Step 8 ) Restart steam, and load up your new Garry’s Mod! It should be identical to your copy of retail gmod, except you can now Debug / Write modules / Use old modules /[sp]Cheat[/sp]

This only works in Retail GMod version 140 as of now

*In other news. If this isn’t anything to prove to you Garry that putting some packer to obscure your modules isn’t good enough, then I don’t know what is.

Don’t forcibly break people’s modules and stop people from debugging their modules. Just because you think you can make cheating more difficult doesn’t mean you’ve stopped cheaters.

I suggest you find something/someone to tell you how to ACTUALLY stop cheats without angering your customers.*

garry’s mod, garry’s rules

i’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about angering customers, and your little stunt here is just going make him make it worse for us…

If these really are unpacked modules - Let me guess how you did it:

Load a packed DLL with a little program that uses LoadLibrary

Attach a debugger to it or make the program dump it

Am I right ?

Nope. Themida just gives you trash if you try to dump memory. It detours some kernel functions (I don’t trust these fuckers, I’ve been having freezes on my PC when GMod is starting).

Also, Europa, what this could do is show that Themida doesn’t matter. Unless Garry blocks the ability to create GMod sourcemods, there will always be a way to detour Themida.

This isn’t exactly true. Loading gmod as a sourcemod is just a convenient way to bypass the Steam file consistency check for DLLs.

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Much, much more complicated.

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Well the people who made binary modules were the best developers garry had. The more he runs them off, the more he’s hurting his own game.

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That’s a dumb argument.

That’s like saying huge amounts of annoying DRM is a good choice because it’s “their game”. DRM tends to be a huge hassle to customers, people stop buying games because of it, and it does absolutely nothing to stop piracy of their game (even give them more reason to pirate it).

but it is their game whether you like it or not. no amount of the feeling of entitlement you have to the game or a series will change that

in the end it’s still really dumb and annoying in most cases, but it’s still someone’s or some organization’s game

if you note, i never said it was a good choice. i only said 4 words

a good portion of those people stopped being active in the gmod community for the most part anyway, they we’re never replaced with more people of equivalent caliber

Wait Garry broke everything to prevent cheaters? Since when was cheating a big deal in Garry’s Mod?

Since gmod9.

Since sefhax i’d bet.

I think Garry should have taken an alternate route in blocking hack development, but that goes without saying. Now everyone suffers in dealing with our modules fucking up.

I don’t think I’d want an horrible system to be protecting my server if I have to give up my modules and basically everything I’ve worked hard on.

SethHack is dead, why do we even need this system implanted anymore? If anything I could understand if there was another major hack being sold to people, but these counter-measures have screwed me and I think it’s safe to say for a good amount of people in gmod with no real, threatening, reason.

However, I can come to see that Garry had good intentions and unlike other game developers, he maintains his game pretty well. So I think he’ll fix the wrong he’s done.

This very slightly affects servers to the point that it’s non-existant. As far as server development goes, the only thing he’s changed is that the executable cannot be debugged on the server.

Also as far as anyone knows, Themida is keeping people like Seth from cheating. It’s working. My question is, “but at what cost?”

this is an issue you face no matter what when you introduce the flexibility of an api like gmod’s

by releasing these unpacked modules, you help not only the module developers, but also developers like seth

What modules are actually severely hindered by this?

Sorry, I didn’t explain myself as clear as I had liked to.

I was referring to the whole effort to put a cork on hackers.

From breaking modules in gmod 12 (and not gmod 13) that servers depend on such as Gatekeeper or MySQLOO, to being reluctant to share the headers so people could fix what was broken.

I’m fine with dealing with hackers, but I’m not fine with going about it sloppy.

All I’m really saying is there was a better way of going about this especially Themida and the restriction on not being able to debug. Sure, you can get around it, but why should the people that aren’t hacking deal with this detour in the first place when there are better options out there?


I’d also like to say, this month that we have left (September 21st ) should be the effort of pushing our stuff to gmod 13, but I don’t like the logic behind fixing crap that’s broken in gmod 13 only to find out that now I have to adapt my gmod 12 crap due to ‘updates’. Isn’t the whole idea of the beta to avoid having to have everything break unexpectedly rather have a update that’s planned, expected, and tested? Why make a change AFTER the beta was announced? Hasn’t Garrysmod survived the countless amount of hackers in the past, before Themida? I support Gbps’'s idea to refocus Themida on a alternate dll as well as CLua and the SE code to avoid having it conflicting with other, useful module creation.

I realize this is a new thing for gmod and it’s a experiment, I just want to make sure that these mistakes aren’t repeated in the future.

most modules broke due to the themida packing, stuff that sigscanned…

Themida wouldn’t stop someone serious about writing a cheat. It’s a waste of time and more of a hindrance than a help.

Garry doesn’t want people to make modules like gatekeeper, that’s why he doesn’t care about breaking them, as far as he’s concerned we should only be adding new functionality (like MySQL), not modifying the engines/his.

MySQLOO hasn’t been broken by an update in years, gatekeeper breaks a lot more often, proves my point completely.

Maybe I’m missing a major one here, but after looking at spencers module site thingy I can’t see many clientside modules which I would guess use sigscanning?

Modifying the source engine is the most powerful way to add functionality to it.

Ever heard of Sourcemod?

Reminds me, Themida probably breaks metamod right?

Well goodbye to DAF