How to fix AVG thinking that Garry's Mod 13 Beta is a 'virus'

I have no idea how old this issue is, but I only noticed it to day.

If you don’t like videos here’s a wirten tutorial.

  1. Open the AVG Interface (click on the Tray Icon)
  2. go to Tools> Advanced settings…>Anti-Virus>Resident shied>Expectations
  3. Add the path : X:\xx\Steam\steamapps!!!YOURNAMEHERE!!!\garry’s mod beta\garrysmodbeta\bin
  4. Okay the Add path window then the expectations window close the AVG interface.
  5. If successful Gmod should load without hitches
  6. ???
  7. Profit.
  1. Get Avast

I didn’t have problems with avg and Garry’s mod beta…

AVG messes up Steam. I used to have it and I could not use Steam In-Game.

Contact AVG. I have never used it but does it have a community review system like Avast?

Strange went out for a couple of hours and my PC went to snooze, now the ‘virus’ is gone… Didn’t matter to me anyway I went Avast after this AVG fiasco. Its happened before to me, I just normally added an expectation, but its been happening allot more to me recently and in the end I just got annoyed.

It’s the obfuscation. I think it’s a good think it detects it if it isn’t signed.

uninstall avg lol

i smell a conspiracy.

  1. Disable AVG while playing GM13


Already did, Read properly next time.