how to fix corrupted gmod files?

how do i fix corrupted gmod files?

Reinstall or verify game cache integrity. And stop creating so many threads, you don’t need so many.

robotboy do u have steam account? can i add you as a friend? I currently don’t have any;;

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what does it do when i go on to verify game integrity?

Verifying Game Cache basically downloads any missing files into your garrysmod directory.

i did the game cache thing and it says i have one file failed to validate and will be reacquired. but after that i went back to the game and everything is still the same. what do i do now? does it take a long time to “reacquire” this?

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i got this on my console

OnEntityCreated didn’t return a valid entity!
Redownloading all lightmaps
Error: Material “models/police/pupil_r” uses unknown shader “Eyeball”
Error: Material “models/police/pupil_l” uses unknown shader “Eyeball”
CSceneEntity :“Alyx” unable to find gesture “A_HG_smallnod”
CSceneEntity :“Alyx” unable to find gesture "A_HG_sm

i think this is the main reason why alyx and barney won’t follow me. any ideas?

That shouldn’t be why. Make sure ignore players and disable thinking are both unchecked. In sandbox hold C and click npc on top to see these options.