How to fix ghosted Props?

Dooes anybody know how to fix this:

I know that it will be gone with a map change or server restart but how to make sure it won’t happen again in the future?

Do you have the layers mod on your server?

Layers? Nope.

Do you have Falco Prop Protection? That ghosts large props.

No. I was using Simple Prop Protection 1.5. I was told the reason for the ghosted props was because of the duplicator.


You could try this:

I run that addon on my server, works great.

What should the delay time be set to?

60? :buddy:

The delay time would be 1if u wanted a quick clean-up.

But if you want to set it for maybe 60 minutes because you want it to be clean while your not online that would work also.

The delay in seconds just depends on if you want to do it to get ride of a ghosted prop ( You would put 1) Or if you wanted to get ride of the ghosted props which would pile up eventually you would put the time to resemble 60 minutes.