How to fix Graphic glitch (AMD Radeon HD series)!!!

This I think must work because for me it have work here is example of glitch :
First right click on Computer> Device Manager> Display adapter> right click on your graphic card> Unistall(when u unistall your screen resolution gonna fall down to minimum and 1 or 2 times gonna show black screen on 1 or 2 seconds)> Reboot (restart pc)> go to select your graphic card driver (i think it was all of you guys same as me hd 7000 series so go)>
Step1: Desktop Graphics
Step2: Radeon HD Series
Step3: Radeon HD 7xxx Series PCIe
step4: select your operating system(my is w7 64bit)
step5: Display Results
Download Latest Beta Driver 240 MB when u download install it and reboot pc (restart pc) and you are done Hope helps all of you!!!

I installed new beta driver yesterday for BF4 I’ll test it later for this. I get this all the time on my pc.

It is not same to just install or to uninstall driver then to install

I found that disabling texture filtering in the graphics options of the game reduces the problem a lot. It doesn’t eliminate it, but it reduces it.

This for me have remove that bug!!! :smiley:

Well it worked, for about 5 minutes then it got worse and texture filtering is off anyways so now it went from annoying to unplayable :frowning:

As per this post,

Garry gave some tips on how to fix it. -force-d3d9 seems to be working for most people but try till you find something that helps.

when you uninstall driver from device mgr and reboot it automatically reverts the driver to a previous state at least from my experiences so it wont get really uninstalled that way