how to fix ladders !

  • so the main purpose of the tool cupboard is to prevent people from fucking with you base building!

  • and one of the purposes for ladders was to prevent people from making bases that you can’t reach (rock-bases)

so my idea combines those two things:
make it so that the toolcupboard prevents people from putting ladders only on crafted base buildings !

this way we can still climb rock bases but we can build normal bases like before !

i think the game would be way more balanced!

I kind of seen ladders purpose as getting rid of raid towers.

The purpose of the tool cupboard is to prevent building griefing, like blocking doors by placing walls 3 inches away from them, and that’s it. It’s also temporary (although garry could change his mind and keep it in the game, that’s always possible) so don’t get too used to it.

Ladders weren’t put in to counter rock bases, they were put in to provide more opportunities for raiders. Your solution would basically make the ladder useless as nobody would build on rocks. The answer isnt in the ladder, it’s in the rest of the game. Things like resources and time investment are much better ways to approach balance in these types of games.

or you could not cry because you lost your rock base? Seriously there’s literally nothing wrong with ladders. Having them removed would make it ‘unbalanced’.

This sounds great. If someone else builds it, you can’t place ladders on it. But anything else if fair game. You can get up the rock on rock bases to c4.

Stop it. Make them props already, and stop dealing ladders like some complicated things to solve with complicated programming, and building.

Simplest thing: You press E, ladder is in your inventory. Its like 2 minutes to program as my relatively small knowledge of programming suggests. All ladder posts are gone, builders of houses are happy, glitching ends. Ladders are not building elements. Ladders cant be banned from houses others built, cause thats the purpose of ladders, helping rock bases, and raiding.

I suggested it in a thread, and other people suggested it in other threads. This is like the only one type of solution with agreed rating.

OMG Facepunch so retarded… why didn’t they just make my suggestion, now the same shit with rockbases all over again …

Nope, read the changelog next time.

Before you just go assuming things, READ THE DEVBLOG.

My suggestion is, make the ladder an object that must be placed on the ground. Placeable within the block radius but not stackable. Make them only as high as a normal wall (I think its 3m high, right?). Make the master toolcupboard unclaimable and hard to destroy. And give them the old block radius back.

Then a raider could reach a top of a rock with ladders but cant reach the top of your base as easy as before (he has to bomb a hole in every floor) and cant claim it as easy as he can at the moment.