How to fix Lag in Rust.

I have seen many thread’s about people lagging, so I’d like to share how I fixed my FPS.

Right click rust in steam, go to properties -> set launch option and type this:


Now join your favorite server and press F1 (Console). Find your server’s IP and copy it. Close Rust and start it again, now open Console and type “net.connect 456.48.75.21:19902” - This is just a example! But this should increase your FPS as well. I now have steady 60 fps after I’ve done this.


It works. You can try this out for yourself. :slight_smile:

hey what fps did you get before this? I run the game around 30 but it sometimes drops to 10-15 fps.

I had 18-30 fps at the time.

“Lagging” refers to high latency (internet issues). What you’re describing is a low framerate. Please change the title to avoid confusion.

For most players, lag in rust results from servers only suitable for 30-50 players attempting to host up to 200 players.

Low framerate is still common, but not nearly AS common.

I have an issue when going into low rad town, the main loot building freezes when i walk around corners but i have a radeon 7800 2gb, i’m on 12gb of ram and if i leave and come back it freezes every time

Will this help stop that?

this solve my lagg thx

Can anyone who actually understands advanced launch options explain this?
I… don’t actually trust somebody with 7 posts named “Trickey” to be legitimate.

I dont think soneone can scree you with launch options…ill try when i get home

type exactly ?

i make a video and post is soon here in 5 min

here it is:

so… anyone know why/how this works yet?

They are a series of commands that do the following (as far as I understand) to try to increase fps:
-force-feature-level-9-3**: Forces DirectX 11.0 feature level 9.3 to be used or equivalent.
-nolog: Prevents printing to debug logs, which depending on how active that log is might speed things up a bit
-force-feature-level-11-0: Forces DirectX 11.0 feature level 11.0 to be used or equivalent. As far as I understand this overwrites the previous force-feature command making it pointless, but I could be wrong.
-high: Gives the program high cpu priority (can be done manually through task manager)

None of this is guaranteed to do anything, and I don’t own rust so I have no way of testing. nolog is likely going to have a negligible effect, but excessive logging can cause fps drop. Forcing feature levels can potentially lead to graphical glitches or even instability, but may run faster on certain hardware. Try it out and if it doesn’t help or causes issues you can always just get revert back to how it was by clearing the options box.

the console connect is the most important… server browser do the lagg in my opinion. look the video easy to understand

They do work. I just thought I’d help out, but if no one really trust me I might as well just delete it.

my fps is around 1-11 but somtimes its 1-45 i play rust without steam and i do anything to fix my fps my didn’t work can you help me?

The launch options don’t do anything to your computer unless it runs the game in realtime, which it is not. Launch options are only for changing how the game launches, hence the name.

Actually, the launch options in this thread forced Rust to run in weird DirectX sublevels, which glitched out the renderer and in some cases provided incredible FPS boosts (3x sometimes, on marginal systems, putting them over 50fps) at the expense of the sky totally freaking out with a Hall of Mirrors void effect unless you also enabled vsync or something.

These were always unsupported. Then garry just broke being able to use them, so they don’t have any effect on Rust. That happened in the five months this thread has been collecting dust before Xecnorex decided to register just to necrobump it.

Xecnorex, type “gfx.all false” into the Rust F1 console.