How to fix Lag/Minor Issues.

Reducing Lag
First step to reduce lag, open up the console. Press F1, type in “grass.on false” and “grass.displacement false” and keep in mind after every update it resets those options. So if you see Rust updating or you’re randomly experiencing lag, try it out.
Second step to reduce lag, lower your graphics settings. Usually fastest runs the best, for those of you who don’t know.
Third step to reduce lag, try playing in windowed mode.

Inability to Access Server Lists
Try running steam and rust as administrator. Generally right clicking on the shortcuts and clicking “Run as administrator” will help. I found this actually worked for people who couldn’t see a server list in the past, probably a little late, but it might help someone still.
Also try prompting an update by heading to your Steam Library. Then, right click on Rust in the library list, click on “Properties”, and then click on the “Local Files” tab. At the bottom should be a button that says “Verify Integrity of Game Cache” which often troubleshoots problems, or scavenges for an update. It’s also a basic steam-troubleshooting method for a lot of games, if you have trouble with any game, I highly recommend that step.

There is also a problem with a few graphics cards, nvidia being one. I use AMD and haven’t ran into a problem though.
Let me know if this helps anyone, or if anyone else has another idea/fix to basic problems like lag and access. Or feel free to ask your questions.
These are just the fixes I’ve discovered, used, and helped people with.