How to fix people KOS'ing in rust. {KARMA}

People in rust can be horrible, like geared up people just killing naked’s for fun, or naked’s murdering each other for no reason. I think that there should be a karma system that makes bad things happen to those who KOS, Also, the server should detect deaths, and if there are a lot of deaths in a certain area, it sends in a heli to kill the people with the highest k:d. or the more people you kill, the higher damage you take from melee so if you mow down naked’s , you can get killed by them easy. I also think that the heli should automatically target armored structures. The longer you don’t do bad stuff, the higher you karma gets. Maybe you get more resources from gathering logs and rocks, or the heli ignores you whether you have a gun out or not. There really needs to be a penalty for killing people for no reason. Please post your suggestions.


As a new player even back in the days of Legacy there was KOS. You learned to gtfo or die. If you died, you learned what you shouldn’t do the next time. You learned to adjust and adapt. At least with all that said, you SHOULD learn. But, if you didn’t? Maybe this game is not for you. But it will not go away even with a degrading system added.

I think that people should have gun fights, but there should be some sort of a penalty. I have been playing since legacy too and I love rust when people only kill each other because of a raid or a feud, But people should not be able to just kill people who have just spawned without any penalty.

There will never be a karma system according to the devlopers, they don’t believe in artificial controls over people actions. My suggestion is that all of us solo players who hate the KOS clans get together and form sheriffs departments and we hunt and kill the assholes :sunglasses:

I believe the only help people will have with KOS is a random generated spawn area re implemented.
As a naked however, this could equally be detrimental as you could land in a snow biome and die just as quick

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But you need a system so that people have a reason to not kill, or else the game will keep degenerating into any other fps. sure Garry does not want a karma system but he already added a helicopter that is suppose to kill people with guns, so there is not much of a difference. But we need something to stop KOS’ers. I know it sounds like complaining but it ruins the fun of the game that I used to know.

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maybe its random but has to be in a temperate?

The reason people in the world today stop being degenerate asshole is that someone with a bigger gun shows up. The helicopter won’t be that gun, there needs to be more fear of death for everyone. When a true PVE threat (better animal AI or new and deadly mo steps of some kind) it may change a bit. If you server has too many assholes find a new server, it’s been working for me lately

I think the heli should only kill people with a high k:d, it works lore wise too (the military going to kill the biggest threat so they can stay safe) and if hostile animals get a better AI then there is still a threat for everyone. and if the caretakers ever get added those could try to kill everyone too.

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also, if you are damaged by someone, and you kill them within like 5 minutes it dose not count as a KOS and it gives them bad karma.

That’s what w need a threat against everyone, drives people to work together rather than kill for the fun of it

I started the game only recently, and… Yes, I can see where this is coming from.
The first time I spawned I was murdered before I got out of the sleeping stat you have when you spawn. I naturally had no idea why a player would kill me so quickly, so I went and asked why on chat.
“You could’ve been a threat”.
It is off putting, really. Especially when you realize that if people cooperated, they could do anything they want. It’s just that the world is so -useless- at making a threat of itself, that I managed to kill a bear with a spear, the first weapon I made 10 minutes in the game.
Is that all there is to it? Killing each other?

Right now that’s pretty much it, I like building things so I keep occupied with that but for many the entire game is killing. The want everything handed to them without any work and they want it to be easy to kill. They are lazy, you can find some decent servers but they are usually low population

Karma system in a game where you appear naked in a random spot and have to figure out how to survive/thrive? Survival of the fittest and Karma systems are polar opposites. Why don’t I suggest that if you die on a server you can’t rejoin it for a week, because life has no sleeping bags/respawn points.

Thats a horrible idea. you have never experienced the funnest part of rust if you haven’t worked together with people or helped out naked’s.

There already is a system for dealing with KOS-playstyles: banding together with others and running them off. Karma has nothing to do with it because it’s simply a different style of play from yours, not bad guys vs good guys.

Maybe they should introduce a punishment system for killing a new respawned naked.

first 5 min: you will lose 40% health
10 min: you will lose 25% health
15 min you will lose 15% health

thats a little to direct… it should hurt you in the long run with more realistic consequences.

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but everyone is scared of each other so even if you went up to people and asked to band up, they would kill you because they are scared that you are gonna shoot them. if you know that they would be punished for killing, then you would be less scared.

Indeed, so people will think twice before killing someone.

But that’s the point, you should be scared. That’s what motivates you to be careful, to keep your wits about you, to not get complacent when you’re out harvesting whatever. You’re Daniel Laruso, and you just met the Cobra Kai Dojo. You can move back to Jersey if you want, but how interesting would that story be?

So let me ask you an honest question: what makes your life/play philosophy so good that it ought to be imposed on everyone else via systems of artificial karma or punishment? How do your opinions on pacifism, restraint, charity, organization or chivalry maximize enjoyment of this game? If these traits were the ultimate goal or desire of players, why would so many people have purchased and logged onto a game about isolation and spartanistic bootstrapping where most of what you can build is directly or implicitly related to violence?

it wouldn’t completely make people not be able to kos or fight for no reason, it would just make it more of a commitment. you could go around killing people, but you are putting your self in more danger. you wouldn’t get kicked for KOS or anything, its just more of a decision. “Can i fight of the heli if i go and have a massive raid?” its just all around better for everyone. more interesting and difficult for the bandits, and a little easier for the solo’s and the friendly’s.