How to fix player models arms

Hi, I’m new to modelling and I’ve been having fun porting models into gmod :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve got a problem with a couple of models because when they stand their arms go into the capes so I want their arms to be further away from the body. I am doing the rigging in 3DS btw

Well long story short - you can do one of the fallowing:

  1. Modify the capes (or the cape bones and animations)
  2. Modify the arms or the arm bones and animations)
  3. Make your own skeletons (bones).
    That problem is normal due to the fact that the normal HL2 models don’t have capes etc appendages, so when you assign a new model that has those to default skeleton that’s the unavoidable result.

You can’t change/edit/add to the default animations without A.) some major Lua fuckery or B.) creating an entirely new animation file from scratch.

You’re going to have to edit the mesh to make it smaller.