Nevermind last patch fixed everything

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Anyone can approve it?
Kinda of a short-fast “guide” for me without any explanation.

I’m a bit suspicious about extracting stuff to my rust folder, that source i don’t know…

Someone will try and tell it works don’t worry . Work for me and my friends .

What is altered to make this work?

Could you at least explain what did u do there and how it worked etc? Not just giving us a link with ’ it works ’ stuff?

Can anyone approve?

Ignore this and just let the game run the update the devs just pushed through Steam. It should work fine.

Works! I scaned it, so no viruses. At least Avast didnt found nothing.

I just downloaded the update and still crashing :suicide:


Kristofff, try restarting. this new update seems to work for most.

It did not work for me.

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My problem is that when i try to join it says this in the console…condition still not met: ServerManagement.Get() ( 100 frames later )…can anyone help me with this?